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Work Your Magic| (7) Day Creative Intention Writing Challenge (FREE)

As we move closer to the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini, our words begin to pack MORE of a punch. There is immense potential to cultivate expansion beyond our purest dreams. To get ready for this Portal of Power, join me for my (7) Day Creative Intention Writing Challenge. Each day, we’ll flow with themes related to that day’s Planetary Ruler, to get creative with our intention writing process.

Monday(Moon) through Sunday(Sun), we’ll make space to write poetry, plays, movie/television scripts, novels, speeches, memoirs, and personal essays, all reflective of our personal desires & the Planetary theme(s). This is an opportunity for you to tap into your creative expression, exercise your imagination, and ELEVATE your manifestation processes.

Be here each day, November 23-29, in our Patreon Community. You’ll be able to share your work in the comments, AND in our Wednesday Gathering. 

This challenge is open to EVERYONE (so invite your friends), and leads up to the FULL MOON & WORK YOUR MAGIC| INTERACTIVE INTENTION WRITING WORKSHOP, on November 30, 2020.

Work Your Magic| An Interactive Workshop on Writing -Transformative- New + Full Moon Intentions |$22|

Words hold an abundance of Power. With the ‘right’ usage of words and phrasing, a desire can easily be turned into a command. A potent time to put this Power to use, is during the New + Full Moon Phases. Both Moon’s, create a blank canvas ripe with potential for growth and change. Work Your Magic| An Interactive Workshop on Writing -Transformative- New + Full Moon Intentions, will teach you how to harness this potential, while also showing you how to intentionally write your future. The New + Full Moon are powerful on their own, BUT, there are extra Energetic POWER BOOSTS that can take your intentions from simple, to TRANSFORMATIVE.

In this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • ‘drafting + planning’ your intentions based on the energy leading up to the New + Full Moon
  • How your Personal Astrology (and the present Astrology) can be used to direct the energy of the Moon
  • How tapping into the Four Elements provides a foundation for your Life Script  
  • How to activate your script using Astrology + the Elements

If you’re new to writing New + Full Moon intentions, looking to expand your Spiritual practice, or wanting to dive deeper into Astrology, this Workshop is for you! Enroll now, by clicking the button below.

So I had a reiki session with Kai….she’s in NOVA I’m in Vegas, guys I constantly had this situation in my head that, even with it being over, still made its way into my thoughts more than I’d like. During my session with Kai she completely aided me in changing my entire vision and memory of that time in my life. So throughout the week when it would creep in my thoughts, it was no longer even the same memory…Her gift is real and worth the time.

This week I had another session and I just flew the entire time. I wish you all pulse get in my brain and see what she has helped me see. So honored to have a healer like herself do energy work on me! 🙌🏽

Quinn Barbour 01/2019

I had a New Year reading and the energy was unmatched. The reading was clear and concise as Kai uniquely broke down each portion in detail and spoke fluently in her craft. Her spirit is light and I’m grateful for the opportunity to allow her to use her gifts to produce messages of the heart. I look forward to working with her throughout the year and I recommend to everyone 💕

Martaiya Valentine 01/2019

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