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Peace and Grand day to you Divine. Welcome to KaiyoteMoon!

KaiyoteMoon is an expression of Spiritual Healing + Empowerment! We are blessed to share with you our Peace Practices + Vibrational Medicines, that assist ALL in flowing INTENTIONALLY and CONSCIOUSLY in their Power. For three years, we’ve served the collective through Energy Updates, New + Full Moon Guidance, breaking down Planetary Transits, sharing knowledge of Healing Modalities, and translating energy downloads from Spirit and the Ancestors. As a member of the COSMIC KAIYOTE COMMUNITY, you are gifting yourself with creative tools that may help you shift into New Paradigms, that are better in alignment with your Highest Good + Purpose. Our offerings are Intuitively designed to help you flow deeper into the stories playing out in your present timeline. The more aware you become of the messages Spirit and Self are asking you to tune into, the deeper your trust with Self + Spirit will grow.

It is our intention to:

connect you to your own Intuitive Abilities

provide you with Spiritual Tools for your Wellness Practice

be a guide along your Spiritual Journey

show the benefits of Energetic Healing + knowing your Astrological Blueprint

assist you in TRANSFORMING energy and flowing INTENTIONALLY in your Power

Thank you for allowing this connection to take place 🙂

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We look forward to our exchange of energy!lotus




Kai’s readings are ALWAYS on point, so accurate and so clear!
She is sooooo DIVINE!
Spirit moves through her so effortlessly! 
KaiyoteMoon Readings have been a blessing to my life!
Thankful for the Divine and spirit guide for sending such a lovely vessel my way for clarity and understanding!

THE BEST READINGS! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
I enjoy the Daily Horoscopes as well! Just what I have to hear as I start my day.
I’m hooked on KaiyoteMoon!

Neytiri Ra-El 09/2017

I completely recommend any and all those searching for some kind of guidance through people here in the physical world to reach out to Kai. She’s such a good flowing and love filled energy and is so very helpful in a variety of ways. I’m glad I took a chance in my exchange with her and encourage everyone to do the same. Thank you Kai, you’re amazing!

Arianna Glover 02/2019

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