welcome to kaiyotemoon


Peace and Grand day to you Divine. Welcome to my journey with the Cosmos and Ancestors.

As I flow with the winds of my intuition, I am divinely inspired to share the wisdom of both the Heavens + our Great Ancestors. There are many languages with which the Spirit + Physical World chooses to speak to us. I am fortunate to be able to channel these messages through several mediums, such as Conversation, Tarot, Meditation, Astrology, and Sound. Connecting to the Cosmos and our Great Ancestors, is connecting to the eternal network of life + love. Here, there is support for your healing, your dreams, and your beliefs. Here, you are tapped into the infinite Power of Self. Through my connection to both our Cosmic + Physical Ancestors, I set the intention to:

°connect you to your own Intuitive Abilities

°Illuminate the multitude of ways Spirit and the Ancestors are communicating with you.

°direct you to authentic and creative Spiritual Tools for your Wellness + Energy Protection Practices

°be a loving guide along your Spiritual Journey

°show the benefits of Spiritual Hygiene + honoring your Ancestors

°assist you in TRANSFORMING energy and flowing INTENTIONALLY in your Power

I thank you for allowing this connection to take place, and wish you Peace in all its forms.



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