December 2020 Sales + Specials

Gratitude to you from us 🙂

Thank you all for making this such a transformative year for us. To show gratitude for the love and support from our community, KaiyoteMoon is closing out the year with a 50% off sale! Use code ‘ThankYou’, to receive 50% off all Tarot/Ancestor/Natal Chart readings. The sale ends 12/31/2020. Blessed New Year to you and your loved ones!! We wish you peace in all forms and in all your endeavors.

Surprise! Kai doesnt even know that I am doing this review, but I had to..I am just so eternally grateful for that 15$ for 15min reading that we had yesterday..I felt so at ease speaking with Kai and I also gained so much clarity and insights about how to progress with my life. Spirit was speaking through Kai and a lot of this info I already had an inner-knowing of, it was just really comforting to hear someone else say it. Thank you Kai and KaiyoteMoon..I mean this with all of my heart..words really cant even express how glad I am that I had this session and I will continue to have more..If anyone is on the fence about having a reading with Kai, don’t be, she is truly gifted and amazing.

Neisha Smith 05/2018

I had a Natal Chart consultation with Kai today and it was INCREDIBLE. Kai opened with some deep breaths/affirmations and it was such a comforting space to be in. We just discussed my 2nd, 6th, and 10th house but now I truly understand why I am being called to health coaching, as well as why I am attracted to a space of womxn!

After our first Astrology Call, I started doing so much research on my natal chart and I was struggling to make the connections. Yes, I resonated with almost everything I read regarding my traits, routines/habits, and what I need to function but I needed someone to connect the dots and read my story. Kai did just that. I am ready to schedule my next consultation to get deeper into this!

Much thanks and appreciation for you, Kai Luna Moon 

Kyanna Ebony 6/2020

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