Happy day and welcome to KaiyoteMoon!!!

Here on KaiyoteMoon.com, it is our intent to provide the Collective with Spiritual and Energetic Healing Tools, that may assist in the Elevation of the Universal Consciousness. As we all share in the Collective Dream of the Human experience, Awakening to the Truth of our Spiritual and Physical Nature, creates a ripple of healing that shifts what is reflected here on Earth.

Here with KaiyoteMoon, and the #CosmicKaiyoteTribe, you’ll find:

  • Monthly Tarot and Astrology Guidance,
  • Personal reflections on Ritual and Lunar Phase Work,
  • Intuitive Guidance from Kai Luna’s Self-Reflected Healing Journey
  • and more.

It is our intention to serve as motivation along your Spiritual Journey. Together, we will learn and evolve for our personal betterment, and the betterment of the Collective Consciousness.





Kai Luna is a Thought Leader + Energy Medicine Practitioner, serving the Collective through Intuitive Tarot Reading, Kundalini + Usui Reiki, Guided Meditation, and Lunar Phase Healing. Kai began her Metaphysical Healing journey in Atlanta, GA in 2012, after receiving her first set of Gems + Crystals from a close friend. Since then, Kai has expanded her knowledge through Intentional Self-Reflection, and through studying the Psychology and Development of the Mind, Chakras, and Energetic Body. Currently, Kai holds Master Teacher Certifications in both Kundalini Reiki(December 2017) + Usui Reiki(November 2018), and serves the Collective Weekly using Tarot, Astrology, and Prayer.lotus

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We look forward to our exchange of energy!lotus



Working with Kai Luna has been such a gift! As an empath and intuitive, I always appreciate when someone else can speak my language. Kai Luna not only speaks my language, but she speaks it with such grace, eloquence, and wisdom. She knows just what to say to elevate my thinking and open my perspective. Working with Kai as a spiritual mentor has helped me to release emotional trauma in family relationships, deepen into my connection with my clients, and boost my confidence as an intuitive healer. If you are looking to welcome your spiritual gifts, build an intimate relationship with your intuition, and receive clarity around your life purpose, Kai Luna is the perfect guide.

Shadae Bowen February 2019

I completely recommend any and all those searching for some kind of guidance through people here in the physical world to reach out to Kai. She’s such a good flowing and love filled energy and is so very helpful in a variety of ways. I’m glad I took a chance in my exchange with her and encourage everyone to do the same. Thank you Kai, you’re amazing!


Arianna Glover February 2019

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